Our Story

This property, at the edge of the escarpment, nestled in the fringe of the forest and nurtured by a perennial stream, enchanted our Uncle Alois who purchased it in 1994. Building 3 chalets, he started the guest farm “Zur Alten Mine” and warmly shared the magic of the place with guests during the ensuing years.

When he retired in 2006 he turned to us and given our background in the hospitality industry, proposed that we take over the management of the guest farm. Having already fallen for the beauty of the setting and believing firmly in his vision for the place, we needed no persuasion and accepted his offer that year.

Since then we have expanded the farm and now offer our guests self-catering accommodation or Bed & Breakfast in 7 tastefully decorated chalets and cottages. We've stayed true to our uncle's original vision of offering a comfortable home from home, by ensuring that all well-appointed units are carefully provisioned with amenities that will ensure your comfort.

Whilst there are numerous sightseeing spots in the surrounding countryside, do take some time to explore the property. Sit peacefully beside the tranquil pond or walk through the forest and find the sun dappled entrance to the mysterious old mine. Listen to the sounds: birds calling; rustling of leaves; rushing of the stream and wind song in the tree canopy.

We are sure that you will be moved by the natural beauty and become enchanted as we all have, by the magic of “Zur Alten Mine”. We hope you will enjoy every single moment of your stay.

Walli and Rainer

The Old Mine

Zur Alten Mine Guest Farm is situated on the outskirts of Graskop, overlooking the beautiful Mpumalanga escarpment. The name 'Zur Alten Mine' is German for 'to the old mine' and pays homage to the private gold mine which was originally dug on the 10 ½ hectare property.

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